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Shot beads dispenser for cold chamber die casting machine

Short Description:

The Shot beads dispenser is mainly a lubrication device used to lubricate the plunger head and sleeve, which can effectively quantitatively lubricate the mechanical parts of the activity. Extend its service life and improve production efficiency.


This equipment requires special lubricating particles, which are consumables. We can also provide high-quality lubricating particles to meet your production needs.




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1. Adopt steel construction of 4-poles and 3-boards, with high precision, good rigidity, and high intension of anti-pressure.

2. With simple designed hydraulic loop, controlled by PLC, it makes the maintenance very easy.

3. The pressure, moving distance and pressure-keeping are adjustable according to press requests easily

4. Adopt imported hydraulic and electrical components, has a long working life.

5. Adopt two-arm operation style, with function of urgent stop and jiggle movement, it’s safe and efficient. With the raster protection, the operation is more safe.

6. Especially suitable for pressing the aluminum castings, plastic and rubber products, flatting silicon work-pieces.

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  • Hydraulic Trimming Press Specification List
    Specification/model HP-10T HP-20T HP-30T
    Rated capacity 10ton 20ton 30ton
    Max.system pressure 12Mpa 13Mpa 14Mpa
    Max.stroke 350mm 450mm 450mm
    Open height 480mm 550mm 600mm
    Gap depth □190mm □250mm □260mm
    Approaching speed 90mm/s ll0mm/s 120mm/s
    Pressing speed 20mm/s 25mm/s 25mm/s
    Returning speed 150mm/s 160mm/s 160mm/s
    Monable wording table size 500×300 760×560 800×600
    Height of fixed wording table 800mm 900mm 940mm
    Length 1070mm 1340mm 1410mm
    Width 850mm 1110mm 967mm
    Height 2100mm 2378mm 2400mm
    Motor power 2.2kw 7.5kw 16kw
    Weight 740kg 1140kg 1350kg
    We are provide not only die casting machines, but also a complete set of automation solutions.Our die-casting automation is used in many industries,fully automatic production to meet the requirements of special conditions, improve safety level,improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs. It mainly includes auto ladler,auto sprayer,auto extractor,sprayer robot,extractor robot,hydraulic trimming press,release agent auto mixer,automatic water purifier,shot beads dispenser, plunger oil lubricating machine, conveyor belt, etc.
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