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Related Equipment & Furnace

  • KGAL-1500 Aluminum Liquid Preheating Device

    KGAL-1500 Aluminum Liquid Preheating Device

    The Aluminum Liquid Preheating Device is mainly used to heat the aluminum liquid during transportation, so as to ensure that the temperature of aluminum liquid will not drop too much, which is conducive to put into production and use as soon as possible.


    It can be applied to aluminum liquid of different specifications and models. It is an indispensable helper in the transfer process of centralized melting furnace.

  • GCHJ-200 Mobile Ash Treating Machine

    GCHJ-200 Mobile Ash Treating Machine

    Key Words about Yomato brand die casting machine

    -Award as Top 5 Brand in China;

    -Established in 2008,10+ years Experience in R&D and Manufacturing;

    -Factory P.C:700sets/year;

    -Professional Team,25+Years Working Experience;

    -Turn-key project,One-stop service.

  • GTS-1500 Automatic Degassing Machine

    GTS-1500 Automatic Degassing Machine

    • High Preformance
    • Energy Saving
    • High Efficiency
    • Higher Stability
    • Product description: Automatic Degassing Machine, advantages, easy operation, reliable quality, reasonable price.
  • Hanging Transshipment Furnace

    Hanging Transshipment Furnace


    1. Furnace lining with imported refractory fiber module pressed, good heat preservation, small heat storage, fast heating;

    2. Adopt imported professional temperature controller, using PID control, perfect temperature stability control within 5℃;