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Made of special alloy steel magnesium crucible

Short Description:

Magnesium alloy crucible is not only an essential component of magnesium alloy industrial furnace, but also one of the core components of industrial furnace, which has a great impact on the quality and efficiency of magnesium alloy industrial furnace. This is a kind of vulnerable part, which needs to be replaced as soon as possible in case of damage, so as not to affect the quality and efficiency of production.




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Main features of magnesium crucible

- Made of special alloy steel, resistant to magnesium corrosion, high temperature.

- The crucible material does not contain Ni and does not react with magnesium solution; the crucible is resistant to high temperatures of 600 to 800 ° C and can work stably.

- Crucible integral casting, no welding cracks and welding stress, so it can ensure stable and safe melting of molten metal.

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  • We can provide many types magnesium alloy furnaces to meet the production needs of different die-casting production. From complex centralized melting furnace to simple crucible melting furnace,In addition the standard furnaces, we also provide powerful custom furnaces according to your requirements.
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