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LQB Gas Heating Aluminium Holding Furnace

Short Description:

This experimental furnace is suitable for the research of magnesium alloys used by research institutes and universities and universities, and can be customized according to the needs of various non-standard furnaces.
Note: The company reserves the right to make improvements to the products described in the samples. Specifications are subject to change without notice. The product images in the samples are for reference only and the products are subject to actual products.




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1. International famous brand flat flame burner, frequency conversion combustion technology, maximum range of flame radiation, to ensure full combustion, improve thermal efficiency, through combustion to remove oxygen in the furnace, to reduce the burning rate;

2. Powerful heat exchange equipment (patent technology), flue gas waste heat reuse, energy conservation and environmental protection;

3. Directly measure the temperature of aluminum liquid, double temperature control, accurate temperature control of aluminum liquid, temperature difference of aluminum liquid ≤±2°C;

4. Furnace lining selected imported high-quality materials, integral pouring, service life of more than five years, no aluminum, no crucible loss, no iron proliferation;

5. With high temperature aluminum water, low temperature alarm, high aluminum water alarm and other functions, is conducive to the correct implementation of the process;

6. Adopts nano-adiabatic material, the heat preservation effect is excellent, the temperature rise of furnace wall is less than 30°C;

7. Furnace cover pneumatic lift, convenient slag cleaning and maintenance, high degree of automation.


What is aluminium furnace?

The furnace we offer is considered for holding and preserve of molten metal. It is suitable for transport between molten aluminum to the workstation. ... These furnaces are used to hold and maintain the molten metal at specific temperature inside the crucible.

How does induction furnace work?

In an induction furnace, the metal charge material is melted or heated by current generated by an electromagnetic field. ... The amount of stirring is determined by the size of the furnace, the power put into the metal, the frequency of the electromagnetic field and the type/amount of metal in the furnace.

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  • LQB Gas Heating Aluminium Holding Furnace Specification List
    Model Holding Capacity Average gas Consumption Length Width Height of the soup outlet
    kg Nm3/h mm mm mm
     LQB-300 300 1.4 2370 1540 1000
     LQB-400 400 1.6 2420 1590 1000
     LQB-600 600 1.8 2570 1700 1150
     LQB-800 800 2 2800 1800 1300
     LQB-1000 1000 2.2 2990 1900 1500
     LQB-1200 1200 2.4 3090 2000 1500
     LQB-1500 1500 2.8 3190 2100 1600
     LQB-2000 2000 3.5 3390 2200 1800
     LQB-2500 2500 4.2 3490 2400 1800
     LQB-3000 3000 5 3590 2500 1850
    We can provide many types furnaces to meet the production needs of different die-casting production. From complex centralized melting furnace to simple crucible melting furnace,In addition the standard furnaces, we also provide powerful custom furnaces according to your requirements.
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