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JLQB Gas Aluminium Alloy Concentrating Melting Furnace

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1. The furnace is used for storage and heat preservation of aluminum water;

2. Powerful heat exchange equipment (patent technology), flue gas waste heat reuse, energy conservation and environmental protection;




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3. Directly measure the temperature of aluminum water, double temperature control, accurate temperature control of aluminum liquid, temperature difference of aluminum liquid ≤±2°C;

4. Furnace lining selected imported high-quality materials, integral pouring, service life of more than five years, no aluminum, no crucible loss, no iron proliferation;

5. Adopts nano-adiabatic material, the heat preservation effect is excellent, the temperature rise of furnace wall is less than 30°C;

6. Furnace cover can be pneumatic lift, convenient slag cleaning and maintenance, high degree of automation, stable and reliable operation;

7. Select special combustion system and combustion fan, working noise is extremely low;

8. Aluminum liquid is injected into the furnace through the funnel-shaped soup mouth, which is not easy to sprinkle in the process of adding soup, safe and reliable;

9. Equipped with a semi-automatic pneumatic water outlet device and flow tank to facilitate the effluent.

Our Services

Service Goal: Beyond Customer Expectations, Beyond Industry Standards.

Guarantee Policy

  1. Technicians are appointed to help clients in machine installation and trial running if necessary. (Clients should bear all the travel expenditure and pay 100 USD to each technician per service day)
  2. Guarantee time for the die casting machines is 14months after shipments During this period, if the machine part is broken, we will offer new one without charging any cost.
  3. If the machine part gets broken when it exceeds the guarantee time, clients can purchase spare parts from us (including paying the freight fees).
  4. OEM Service Offered,Design Service Offered,Buyer Label Offered.
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  • JLQB Gas Aluminium Alloy Concentrating Melting Furnace Specification List
    Model Holding capacity Length Width Height
    kg mm mm mm
     JLQB-5000 5000 4350 3800 3000
     JLQB-8000 8000 4700 4500 3500
     JLQB-10000 10000 5000 5000 4700
     JLQB-15000 15000 5500 5450 4200
     JLQB-20000 20000 6000 5800 4300
    We can provide many types furnaces to meet the production needs of different die-casting production. From complex centralized melting furnace to simple crucible melting furnace,In addition the standard furnaces, we also provide powerful custom furnaces according to your requirements.
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    application-3 application-4
    application-5 application-6
    application-7 application-8
    application-9 application-10
    application-11 application-12