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Integrated servo auto extractor & sprayer for hot chamber die casting machine For 25T-300T Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

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1. Imported electrical components and pneumatic components, stable quality, durable using.

2. Sliding table adopt imported high rigidity linear double sliding rail, stable, high efficiency.




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3. Servo drive, speed, precision, high positioning,precision control up to ±0.lmm.

4. Can be single action. It can also be fully automated production line with die-casting machine and sprayer.

5. The arm forward waiting function can be selected to speed up the clamping speed and increase the production speed of finished products.

6. The arm forward waiting function and the horizontal front standby function can be used at the same time, so that the speed of clamping the finished products can be increased and the time can be shortened. The output of finished products per day can be increased by about 20-30%.

7. It can be divided into front clamp and back clamp, which is easy to use.

8. It can be equipped with a hand tube automatic lifting device, and can also be connected with the punch to automatically remove the burr and reduce the waste of manpower.

9. PLC control circuit and human-machine interface are adopted, with fault code display function, which is more convenient for maintenance.

10. Servo control is adopted, the clamping of finished products is more stable, and the quality is improved by 10-50%.

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  • Servo Auto Sprayer and Auto Extractor Specification List
    Model Suitable DCM Forward stroke Transverse travel stroke Take out time Clip weight Air pressure Voltage Weight
    ZA580 25-90T 580mm 130mm 2.3S 2.5KG 5-6kgf/cm2 380V/50-60HZ 200KG
    ZA650 130-160T 650mm 170mm 3.2S 5.0KG 210KG
    ZA750 200-300T 750mm 250mm 4.2S 10.0KG 250KG
    We are provide not only die casting machines, but also a complete set of automation solutions.Our die-casting automation is used in many industries,fully automatic production to meet the requirements of special conditions, improve safety level,improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs. It mainly includes auto ladler,auto sprayer,auto extractor,sprayer robot,extractor robot,hydraulic trimming press,release agent auto mixer,automatic water purifier,shot beads dispenser, plunger oil lubricating machine, conveyor belt, etc.
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    application-3 application-4
    application-5 application-6
    application-7 application-8 application-9