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Electrical Magnesium Furnace H Series

Short Description:

Temperature control static ± 1 ° C, dynamic ± 3 ° C.

Preheater adopts clamping mechanism to make liquid level control stable and accurate feeding (patent: ZL201420137471.2).

Preheating machine has low energy consumption and good preheating effect.




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Structural system:

1) The concrete made of special composite steel plate does not pollute the magnesium liquid, has anti-corrosion structure inside, and has long service life.

2) 1.2888 material manufacturing material pot and other spare parts, long service life.

3) Using a radiant tube or other heating method, the heater can be quickly replaced.

4) Stainless steel casing and panel, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant.

5) Imported thermocouple, accurate temperature control and high service life.


Why should I choose YOMATO Die Casting Machines?
Its simple. We offer you the reliable die casting machines with a reasonable price. There are also other high quality brands out there, but they will make you pay more. There are also some cheaper machines, but they don't provide the quality you require for serious die casting.

What's your core advantage?
Yomato awarded as Top 5 brand in China,25+years rich experience in R&D and manufacturing,factory P.C.:700sets/year with higher quality standard,7x24 best response sales & service globally.

Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are professional manufacturer of die casting machine since 2008,Ecoturst as the sole exporter invested by Yomato group.

Can you customize my die casting machine to my specific requirements?
Absolutely. Every die caster follows a unique process and has specific requirements. If you tell us about your requirements,we will adapt it and customized production.

Are YOMATO die casting machines suitable for producing demanding parts. Like the ones required by the automotive sector?
Without a doubt. Many of our customers work for OEM's and ODM's companies(Benz,BMW,VW,Geely,etc.). Our machines have been fully tested for years and are capable of producing quality parts for the most demanding customers in every industry.

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  • Electrical Magnesium Furnace H Series Specification List
    Parameter Unit DMH80 DMH125 DMH200 DMH315 DMH500
    Furnace size mm 1200*650*1000 1450*850*1020 1600*900*1020 1650*900*1020 1650*900*1020
    Rated capacity Kg 200 300 300 500 500
    Melting rate Kg/h 80 120 120 220 220
    Crucible structure . Signal room
    Power 380-420V/50-60Hz/Three-phase Five-wire
    Rated power KW 30 45 45 75 75
    Rated current A 45 70 70 110 110
    Highest  Furnace work temperature 850
    Highest work  temperature of magnesium liquid 710
    Gas supply temperature 350
    (max.) L/min 10 10 10 25 25
    Protection gas flow(max.)
    Inside hole of material pot mm 55 65 70 80 85
    DIN45635-01-K1.2   noise dB(A) <85
    Furnace weight kg 1200 1500 1600 2500 2500
    Matching casting machine T 60-88 100-150 160-200 300-400 500-600
    We can provide many types magnesium alloy furnaces to meet the production needs of different die-casting production. From complex centralized melting furnace to simple crucible melting furnace,In addition the standard furnaces, we also provide powerful custom furnaces according to your requirements.
    application-1 application-2
    application-3 application-4
    application-5 application-6
    application-8 application-9
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