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Auto Sprayer for cold chamber die casting machine

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1. The spraying volume of module spray head can be adjusted separately, 3 roads controll for fixed and movable mold.

2. Fixed and movable mold can blow separately.

3. This machine can stop at any position on X axes and Y axes for sraying and blowing.




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4. Y axes driven by servo motor, start and stop quickly, working stably and precisely.

5. X axes Driven by converter motor, can move the stand to adjust the mould.

6. The control system adopt Misubishi PLC and touch screen, which are reliable and easy to operate.

7. With error display and explanation for easier maintenance.

8. Amass of mould technics parameters can be saved.

9. Can follow customer needs to customize above 1000T sprayer.

10. The connecting rod type structure is adopted, and it is driven by helical gear and worm gear and worm reducer with high mechanical strength, good stability and long service life.

11. SIEMENS servo motor, Japan NSK bearings.

12. It can be in standby state at the nearest position from spray after die-casting open to shorten the spray fall time and greatly improve spray cycle.

13. It has the function of adjusting mould thickness of motor to save time, energy, and keep safety.

14. Many sets of mould spray programs are added in the system according to the requirement. For the replacement of mould, the original saved program can be directly called out through the man-machine interface for direct use, making it very convenient to operate and maintain.

15. The control box has position reserved for signal, which can be in connection with the die casting machine for semi automatic operation and also can be wired with the die casting machine and extractor for becoming a full-automatic equipment.

16. The man-machine interface touch screen is adopted for setting all parameters easily. It is characterized by the fault self diagnosis display function for further fault diagnosis and maintenance.

17. It is equipped with nozzle-type nozzle set with good atomization effect and convenient replacement and installation. It has fixed point spray, circulating spray and floating spray.

18. Moving and fixed moulds can blow at the same time, and also can be controlled separately. No blowing in spray state and no spray in blowing state.

The function of ascending andblowing is possessed to clean the dirt fixed on the mould surfaces during ascending upon completion of work to keep the mould surfaces clean.

19. The nozzles adopt the bladder control method (gas controls water), to precisely control the flow to meet the spray requirements of different products at different positions. Furthermore, bladder control is a most convenient control way with lowest cost for the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment. The use of the external mixed spraying can ensure that the atomization can be closed at the nozzle at the end of spraying for each mould, thus greatly reducing the dosage of the release agent as well as the residual and improving the production environment in the die casting machine. Each nozzle can continuously blow the airduring the intermittent period to accelerate the evaporation of water and to prevent the nozzle from water dropping, thus reducing the residual moisture; after spraying, the powerful air blowing circuit that the pressure can be independently set can further blow away the moisture and foreign matters.

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  • Auto Sprayer Specification List
    Specification/model YP-1# YP-2# YP-3#
    Suitable die-casting machine 125T-200T 250T-400T 450T-600T
    Nozzle set spraying mode 2 layers spray each for moving end fixed moulds,24 spraying points 2 layers spray each for moving and fixed moulds,28 spraying points 2 layers sprey each for moving and fixed moulds,32 spraying points
    Nozzle quantity 12 nozzles,6 nozzles per side,remaining 12 with cap 14 nozzles,7 nozzles per side,remaining 14 with cap 18 nozzles,9 nozzles per side,remaining 14 with cap
    Strong blowing of nozzle set(Copper tube Φ60mm> 12 blowing points,6 points per side 14 blowing points,7 points per side 16 blowing points,8 points per side
    Nozzle set control unit Controlled each layers,each layer as a control unit,total 4 units
    Lifting travel stroke 650mm 800mm 1100mm
    Base travel stroke 250mm 250mm 400mm
    Lifting motor power 3.0KW 3.0KW 2.0KW
    Power supply capacity 380V/0.5KVA 380V/0.5KVA 380V/0.8KVA
    Cylce time 5sec 5sec 6sec
     Outline Dimension 850*700*1290mm 850*700*1400mm 1000*700*1590mm
    Weight of Machine 280KG 300KG 330KG
    We are provide not only die casting machines, but also a complete set of automation solutions.Our die-casting automation is used in many industries,fully automatic production to meet the requirements of special conditions, improve safety level,improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs. It mainly includes auto ladler,auto sprayer,auto extractor,sprayer robot,extractor robot,hydraulic trimming press,release agent auto mixer,automatic water purifier,shot beads dispenser, plunger oil lubricating machine, conveyor belt, etc.
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