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Auto Extractor for cold chamber die casting machine

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1. It can be used independently or interface with die cast machine, sprayer, ladler and press machine to form complete automated production.

2. Driven by motor, extract work-piece in high speed, and with standing-by, shorten casting cycle efficiently.




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3. With numerous extraction modes that is suitable to multiplicate types of production.

4. With the adoption of PLC control loop, this machine can display the failure codes, making the maintenance more convenient.

5. All important parts are fully imported to enhance durability.

6. Main parts and electrical components are imported with low failure rate and long service life.

7. The multi-bar linkage arm is adopted for strong bearing capacity; the imported reducing motor is also used, which is controlled by the imported PLC and frequency converter for stable and free-impact operation at high speed.

8. Due to the use of reducing motor drive arm PLC and frequency converter, the arm can stop at any point within its travel range (the arm moves forward to the edge of mould in advance for waiting before the mould opens), to effectively shorten the extracting period, thus improving the production efficiency.

9. The man- machine interface touch screen in Chinese language is adopted to conveniently set various parameters and conduct real- time monitoring over the machine status. Also, fault self-diagnosis display function is provided to make both operation and maintenance veryconvenient.

10. It can be either automatically operated independently or connected to die costing machine, feeding machine and extractor to become a full automatic device.

11. The Japan absolute value encoder is used to digitize the arm position adjustment.

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  • Auto Extractor Specification List
    Specification/model TE-1# TE-2# TE-3# TE-4#
    Suitable die-casting machine 125T-200T 250T-400T 500T-580T 630T-900T
    Gripper diameter Φ40-80mm Φ40-80mm Φ50-90mm Φ60-110mm
    Pulling force 68KGF 68KGF 98KGF 98KGF
    Adjustable distance at pulling direction 200mm 200mm 250mm 250mm
    Pulling distance 250mm 250mm 300mm 300mm
    Air source 6Kgf/cm2 6Kgf/cm2 6Kgf/cm2 6Kgf/cm2
    Clamping capacity 3KG 4KG 6KG 10KG
    Drive motor 0.75KW 0.75KW 1.5KW 1.5KW
    Fixed way Floor type
    Outline Dimension 1200*750*1200mm 1300*750*1200mm 1450*750*1300mm 1550*750*1350mm
    Weight of Machine 435KG 450KG 553KG 580KG
    We are provide not only die casting machines, but also a complete set of automation solutions.Our die-casting automation is used in many industries,fully automatic production to meet the requirements of special conditions, improve safety level,improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs. It mainly includes auto ladler,auto sprayer,auto extractor,sprayer robot,extractor robot,hydraulic trimming press,release agent auto mixer,automatic water purifier,shot beads dispenser, plunger oil lubricating machine, conveyor belt, etc.
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    application-3 application-4
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    application-7 application-8 application-9
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