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Agent Wanted

Agent Wanted


1. It's our fault if the products are not competitive.

2. It's our fault if you don't make money from our products.

Product Ranges:

1. Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine(Aluminum alloy/Magnesium alloy/Copper alloy, 130Tons~3500Tons).

2. Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine(Zinc Alloy, 15Tons~400Tons).

3. Vertical Die Casting Machine, Special Customized Die Casting Machine.

4. Low-Pressure Die Casting Machine.

5. Gravity Die Casting Machine.

6. Automation Robot, Peripheral Equipment.

7. Melting & Holding Furnaces.

8. Die Casting Mould Series.

Agency Policies

1. Consultant-cooperation with Agency

♦ Agency is our partner, market pioneer. Close cooperation be offered before sale, on sale and after sale, We are one, together be in the face of competition that we face on the market.

2. Price Support

♦ Offer agency price.

♦ Flexible Individual Price for Special Case.

3. Market Protection

♦ Sole agency in designated area.

4. Technical Support

♦ Agents can send engineers training in China.

♦ The company will send engineers to focus on the agents to carry out installation works.

♦ Permanent technicians support for conditional agency.

5. Advertising and Publicity Support

♦ Advertisement & catalogues support.

♦ Promotion tools support.

♦ Advertising costs support, as per sales amount and budget.

6. Good Communication

♦ Facilitate contact, in a timely manner.

♦ Regularly feedback information to/from agent.

♦ Agency visit by regional manager & leaders annually.

7. Joint Exhibition

♦ Participating abroad exhibitions selectively.

♦ Joint exhibition with agent.

♦ Support agent participating exhibition.

8. Spare Parts Support

♦ Spare parts available with machines.

♦ Reasonable Spare parts in stock Free.

♦ Cost price of spare parts for agenct.

8. Sales Motivation Support

♦ For the first year, Special support 3% discount based on agent price.

♦ Sales Achieved 20sets in first year, Price refund 2% as reward.

Market Distribution

Market Distribution-2
In China and global market, 2500+sets die casting machines running.
20+ Sales & Service Office in China.
6 Sales & Service Agents in Foreign Markets.